Welcome! Dabar PL is an enterprise for manufacturing customized furniture and designing residential and commercial interiors. We invite you to view what we have to offer.

Design and manufacturing of furniture according to your wishes and needs

To implement your idea or a project, we manufacture separate furniture pieces of all types.
We will gladly help you in shaping your idea or a solution.
Our years-long experience and expert personnel guarantee your satisfaction. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Furnishing of business premises, hotels, catering facilities

Are you equipping your business premises, an office or a store? We offer you complete solutions from shaping an idea, design or design engineering all to performance and installation.
We offer specialized furniture for stores in our programme which is especially functional and modular and can be tailored according to the personal visual requirements, which makes us stand out from the competition.
Our wood programme is completed by quality metal components, manufactured according to our specifications.

Services of half-finished and finished products treatment

You need help in manufacturing demanding parts of products or you wish to add to your production process?
Whether it is a separate product or a product line i.e. half-finished product you demand, contact us for advice or for an offer.
To meet your needs, we offer the services of tailoring, tape edging and linear edging, CNC treatment, hole drilling, pressing and similar.
All who are in the trade, whether as professionals or simply enthusiasts, we will be glad to serve with our equipment at disposal.
Reaching solutions on the spot. We work together with you!